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Arieneitwe Ronald Kibonire
10:06 AM
Dear Renaat,
I would like to know how I can get a software for moodle. We are running a youth centre in Uganda and we would like to have some quiz that the youth even in other parts of Uganda to access them.
Thank you.

10:28 AM

It's a long time I heard from you. How are things in Uganda ? 
Just surf to and download your free copy of the Moodle software!
Of course, I you do not want to mess with servers - maintenance - hardware - ..., you can host your quiz at for a minimal cost. You only pay for the use of :
no users => you pay only for the space occupied
a lot of users => you pay for the space and the bandwith used by your clients!

10:33 AM

Glad to hear from you too. Uganda is fine and almost through with my e-learning course at IHSU. How much would it cost to host the quiz at ewallah?
Do you hear from Griet? 

10:44 AM

I just spoke with Griet, she' s somewhere in the middle of nowhere (in Belgium there are still places with no Internet). She is the price expert, but I can tell you already it would be minimal. Let's say something of 3$/month for the space used ...

11:05 AM

That is very affordable and I think we shall workout an arrangement to have the quiz hosted once we receive all the details about the price and how it will work. Griet is my supervisor for research Iam doing and that is why I was asking how she is. I posted my reprt on google documents for her to review but she has may be because of her being in that place without internet.
Have a nice day and we shall keep in touch

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