You can restrict access to a resource - activity - section in Moodle by 


An element can be shown

  • only on  a certain date
  • from that date on
  • between 10 and 12 on Friday

Resources remain invisible to studens when

  • he/she did not passed a certain test 

Special resources can be shown to students

  • who only got a minor grade

An item remains invisible to students when he/she did not

  • post 2 items in a discussion
  • viewed all the resources in section 2 
  • completed the test 
  • added an item to the database

An item is visible only to students who

  • speak English
Course completion

An item is visible only to students who

  • completed the course

An item is only shown to students who

  • live in Hong Kong
  • celebrate their birthday
Last modified: Friday, 9 June 2017, 9:41 AM