Our clients

logo i+solutions

Woerden, Holland
i+solutions is an independent and transparent, international, not-for-profit organization specializing in pharmaceutical supply chain management for low and middle income countries.

logo DSC

Dataspeed Computing Services
Oregon, USA
Dangerous Goods Trainings

logo DGK

De Groene Kans
Diksmuide, Belgium
Course: Nederlands op de werkvloer, eWallah.net

logo Fairtrade

Fairtrade International
Bonn, Germany
Learning platform: moodle.fairtrade.net

logo VTI veurne

VTI Technical Institute
Veurne, Belgium
Course: Friends at Learning, eWallah.net

logo Hangzhou

Vocational School of Transportation
Hangzhou, China
Course: Friends at Learning, eWallah.net
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